This Vision and aspiration is not just a one off or even annual event but hopefully starting a Momentum, developing into a national movement or a community of Youth Ministry workers/volunteers who will not feel isolated or undervalued BUT supported, encouraged and resourced beyond the actual weekend to engage with youth from all over Ireland.


The main purpose is to create an event that will EXCITE, ENCOURAGE, EQUIP and where together we can Unpack Youth Ministry in a simple and clear way to give participants the confidence and tools to simply get started in their context.


It is our hope that the outcome of this gathering over three days in January will start a Momentum towards youth ministry and evangelisation all over Ireland that will be a genuine grass roots youth focused movement inviting and calling many thousands of young people back to the family of faith.


This unique youth focused initiative is an ecumenical collaboration between many youth focused faith based organisations with many years of experience engaging with young people including;

Scripture Union Ireland –Jim Donnan

Alpha Ireland – Peter Rigney

Innovista – Sam Moore

Youth for Christ – Simon Marriott

Presentation Brothers Evangelisation officer – John Quinn

Irish Bishops Conference Project officer Adult Faith Development and Youth Ministry – Anna Keegan

CofI Diocese of Dublin and Glendalough.
Youth Development Officer – Susie Keegan