Q. Can churches/parishes charge a fee for people to come on Alpha - Youth?

A. It’s very important to us that people are not charged for coming on an Alpha -Youth. Evangelist Billy Graham has always said it’s really important that people can hear the gospel free of charge.

Q. Is it possible to run Alpha - Youth without the weekend or day away?

A. Technically yes BUT not recommended. We've found that the weekend or day away with teaching on the Holy Spirit is one of the most enjoyable experiences for the guests.

Q. Do we have to have sung worship in each class on Alpha - Youth?

A. There are other ways of including a 'worship' element - look in the Leaders’ Guide for some creative ways to do worship.

Q. What's the recommended number for a Alpha -Youth in schools?

A. If you are making your Alpha - Youth optional then it depends on the help that you may have. It is advised to have a leader in a small group of no more than 8 to facilitate good discussion. You may need to cap numbers if the classroom or prayer room is small. Otherwise you can just choose a normal class number.