Prayer Spaces in Irish Schools

Annette Evans speaking about how she is making a difference through Prayer Spaces...

When I attended a workshop on Prayer Spaces in Schools I really loved the idea of making temporary spaces for young people to pray. I saw the Holy Spirit Day which is ran in the middle of the film series, as an ideal way to use prayer spaces. One school I was working in had its Holy Spirit Day coming up and I was given a very large room in which to set up prayer activities. The exciting thing and scary thing about this was that there would be 100 students there on the day. This ended up been an amazing day with the students loving the prayer activities so much that they wanted them left there!

Another opportunity arrived in the shape of our 5th National Parish Youth Conference. Again a large room was used to allow all the young people attending the conference take some time out and visit the prayer space. They really enjoyed the experience and many adults took time to visit, as word got around about how enjoyable it was!

I was asked to set up a prayer space in my neighbouring parish as a friend, Sister Genny was running a retreat for confirmation students. The students spent lots of time enjoying the different spaces and loved the fact that they were talking to God in a whole new way!

Over the past few months I have used the Prayer Spaces in Schools website to help me build up different spaces and I love creating these spaces for children and young people. Reading their honest heartfelt prayers lets me know how this really works. I have just created prayer spaces in the day chapel of my local church. This will run for two weeks and already almost 150 children and young people have come visit. It's great to be allowed to do this in my church and we hope to see many more people coming to visit over the next couple of weeks.

I am so excited about the future of prayer spaces in Ireland and I hope to see it used a lot more in schools and parishes.

Annette Evans is the Alpha - Youth Midlands Coordinator and now the Prayer Space Director for Ireland