An interview with Joe & Ben...

Colaiste Cholim Tullamore

Annette Evans, our Alpha - Youth Co-ordinator in the Midlands, caught up with two lads who have recently experienced the new Alpha - Youth Film Series...


When did you do Alpha - Youth? We started it last September.

Had you heard of Alpha - Youth before that? Ben: Just that lads last year went to Ovoca and really enjoyed it. Joe: I heard about it in the church. My ma did Adult Alpha and said it was very good! 

Did you not hear it mentioned in the school? Ben: No its not really talked about to be honest. Joe: Maybe people are embarrassed about their faith. But I haven't heard anything about it in school.

When the film series started say week one or two was it what you expected? Joe: I went in with an open mind so I didn't expected anything. I just thought I would go and see. Ben: I was the same I was prepared to give it a chance.

So at that early stage what impact did it have on you? Ben: It opened my eyes a bit. I wouldn't consider myself very religious but it gave me a better insight into the big questions and that. Joe: I saw religion in a different light. It was different from listening to what a priest is saying. I don’t think I was told its what you should do, more its what you can do. No one is preaching down your neck.

During Alpha - Youth you attended a Holy Spirit Day. Can you tell me something about that? Ben: Yeah I really enjoyed it, the gathering of the schools and the questions and the food was good. Joe: I enjoyed it especially in the small groups. The games were good and the food was really nice. Ben: The quiet time in the church was good. Joe: Yeah it was good that we were spread out so you were really able to get something out of it.

Once Alpha - Youth had finished how did you feel about it? Ben: More informed about the bible and it was good to hear other peoples opinions. Like Joe, I know Joe but I didn’t know he was faithful, a strong believer.  

You watched the new film series. As an interactive series what are your views on it? I suppose firstly what did you think of Ben and Jason? Ben: They are friendly and outgoing, the presentation of the whole thing. They kind of draw people in. Its different to the church atmosphere. Joe: You nearly see them as a friend because the seem like those kind of people. Someone that you would want to talk to. Have a bit of craic with. And they are always messing!  

What about the questions that were asked? Joe: The questions were good they always made you think. And you got to discuss them in the group which was even better. You got to hear other peoples opinions. At first it was hard to talk in the small groups but as the weeks went on it got easier. The leaders were there and they are really nice. They also shared their opinions too.

What did you think of the vox-pops? Joe: They are good. Its good to hear other peoples opinions.

So now that you have done Alpha - Youth what impact if any has it had on you? Ben: I suppose I am more informed. It gave me something to think about. Joe: I think about things differently. It’s not just about one way of life. You think of it differently.

Would you recommend Alpha - Youth to next years students? Joe: I would recommend it to everyone. Everyone should give it a go. Try it for at least two or three weeks. If you don’t like it you can always drop out. There is no pressure on you. (So are you willing to stand up in assembly and tell everybody? Ben: I don’t think so. I wouldn’t do that for anything!!!!!)

If you were to say one thing you have taken from doing Alpha - Youth what would it be? Ben: More informed about the bible. Joe: People can be real closed minded. If you get a better open mind you can live your life more. People will like you more because you are more friendly. Also you can see where they are coming from. 

So have you found a friend in Jesus? Both: YES

Watch the first episode for yourself...