New Alpha - Youth Worker

Such has been the growth in Alpha - Youth that Scripture Union and Alpha Ireland have recently recruited an additional Alpha - Youth Worker to operate specifically in the Midlands. In November, Annette Evans was appointed to the new position and started her new role in January 2014. Annette is from Tullamore and has been running Alpha - Youth's in schools and with her parish youth group for the last three years. Of her new role she said,

I’m really excited, I’m so happy to have been given this chance because I’ve been involved for 3 years and I really love the feedback and comments we get from young people, how Alpha - Youth has changed their lives for the better, even if only a small bit. You start off in small groups with them saying they don’t believe in God or there is no God, and they come to the end of the course saying, well maybe there is something. For other people, it has a profound effect on them and changes their life completely. The satisfaction that you get from it is amazing.