Prayer Spaces in Schools

24-7 Prayer - Prayer Spaces in Schools

What I wasn’t prepared for was the depth that they would engage with the prayer space

Over the last few years, many have been taking the ‘24-7 prayer room’ idea out of churches and into primary schools and secondary schools around the UK and Ireland (and beyond). Hundreds of prayer spaces have taken place in schools, where more than 100,000 children and young people have experienced simple, creative prayer and many have prayed personal prayers for the first time in their lives.

The idea is very simple you set up a classroom or another available space with a series of prayer activities with different themes relating to prayer, e.g. ‘be sorry’, ‘be yourself’, ‘be thankful’, ‘be still’, ‘forgiveness’, ‘messages from God’, and then you either have a timetabled week of classes coming for their lesson-time in the prayer space, or you open it during break and lunchtimes.

We would love to see to Prayer spaces in Schools really take off in Ireland and so to inform, encourage and inspire you to run with Prayer Spaces in Schools in your own area we are hosting an information evening.

This event is open to youth workers, children's workers, teachers, students, anyone interested in finding out more about how to run a prayer space in a school. We would love to see you there, email us for more info

Prayer Spaces in Schools is an initiative of 24-7 Prayer

Prayer Spaces in Schools is an initiative of 24-7 Prayer